Invitation to contribute to Supramolecular Chemistry Special Issue

For a number of years now Supramolecular Chemistry (the Taylor & Francis Group) has had the distinct pleasure of supporting the supramolecular community in several ways.  One of these is by contributing to seminal meetings such as the upcoming MSMLG conference.  A second, arguably more important contribution is to dedicate special issues of Supramolecular Chemistry to themes and events.  This year the journal will be dedicating a (joint) special issue to the Telluride Molecular Rotors, Motors and Switches meeting, Supramolecular Chemistry Ireland Meeting and the 5th International Conference on Molecular Sensors and Molecular Logic Gates (MSMLG2016).  Robert Elmes (Maynooth University), Tony James and Dan Pantos (the University of Bath) have graciously agreed to be guest-editors.  We extend our gratitude to Rob, Tony and Dan for taking on this community-spirited task, but the greatest thanks that they can receive for their efforts is a large number of outstanding manuscripts.  So as you start to prepare for your trip to Telluride and/or Manynooth and/or Bath, please think about how you can contribute a research paper.  The stronger the issue, the more the Taylor & Francis Group is likely to contribute, the better the conference, and of course the stronger the community.

Our guest editors will be accepting manuscripts from May 1st until August 31st 2016.

If you are interested in submitting to the Special Issue can you please complete this online questionnaire:

For further information please email with the subject line Supramolecular Chemistry Special Issue.

Kindest regards,

Philip A. Gale (University of Southampton) and Bruce Gibb (Tulane University)

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