MSMLG 2016 Awards

MSMLG 2016 Czarnik Award – Eric V. Anslyn
University of Texas at Austin



MSMLG 2016 Czarnik Emerging Investigator Award – John S. Fossey
The University of Birmingham



MSMLG 2016 Czarnik Emerging Investigator Award – Scott T. Phillips
Pennsylvania State University



MSMLG 2016 AP de Silva Early Career Awards

These will be decided during the MSMLG2016 meeting in Bath by members of the MSMLG International Advisory Board.

MSMLG2016 Networking Award

During the conference try to find a delegate that answers yes to “Have You ?” and put their name next to that question. Each Delegate can only be used for two answers. Prizes will be awarded for the Answers and in the case of a draw the winner will be drawn from the best “Networkers”


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