MSMLG 2016 Czarnik Emerging Investigator Award


John S. Fossey – The University of Birmingham

John S. Fossey is a senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham in the School of Chemistry. After his PhD he spent time as a JSPS postdoc in Japan at the University of Tokyo. There is a strong international aspect to his research outputs, especially through productive links with East China University of Science and Technology. His research interests encompass aspects of catalysis and sensing, and it is for his contributions to the later for which the MSMLG Czarnik Emerging Investigator Award 2016. During his time at the University of Bath he struck up productive and long-lasting collaborations with researchers there and further afield. Through combining knowledge of catalysis with the demands of modern sensing he has been able to create a platform for rapid sensor assembly and discovery. He has helped take the saccharide recognition capability of boronic acids into new and exciting directions, including heterogeneous highly-chemoselective sensors, development of a quencher elimination assays and developed strategies to exploit so-called click chemistry in sensor construction.

John commented “It’s an incredible honour to be recognised by the community for contributing to developing new chemosensors and strategies, and a real pleasure to be an inaugural recipient of the Czarnik Emerging Investigator Award. I am hoping to take chemosensor knowledge and catalytic capability to make smart systems where outputs are on demand synthesis. In the next few years I am hoping to translate sensing into smart drug delivery, watch this space……”

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